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KajiCustoms:Knives With Souls

KajiCustoms creates Japanese traditional inspired works with both traditional and modern materials. Focused on the use of traditional differential hardening techniques to create spectacular hamons, KajiCustoms offers one-of-a-kind heirloom quality pieces.  w works


Past Works

Parallel Lines

About Me

My name is Luke and KajiCustoms is my creative outlet. I've been making knives since I was young; playing around in my Nonno's shop. In the last several years, I have become more serious about it and it has become a large part of my life. I am a chemist by day, but I use my knowledge of material science to fuel my creation by night. I find my peace in my shop.  Therapy is expensive, so I make knives instead. I hope that you enjoy them, but they're more for me than for you, even if you're lucky enough to own one. 

About my knives. I use high carbon tool steel almost exclusively. Most of my knives are W2, 1095, 1075, W1 or old files, rasps and cable steel. Using these steels allows me to create a unique hamon on every piece. Hamon is a Japanese term that means edge "Ha" pattern "mon". It arises from the differential hardening procedure known as "yaki ire". This process yields a knife that combines a high degree of edge hardness with a tough and ductile spine, essentially turning one piece of steel into a composite blade. During this process, which is carried out violently in a water quench, many blades develop stress cracks and 'die in the quench'. Sometimes I can save them, sometimes they are scrap. That's the high risk aspect. On the other hand, if they do survive, there is a high reward aspect. After hours and hours of hand polishing and careful treatments, the most visually stunning pattern is revealed. Personally, I find hamon patterns to be one of the most beautiful art objects known to man. I also consider it the soul of the blade, being created during 'birth' and being completely unique to the blade, just like a soul. 



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